Beach Fail

Since having the twins, I really have to make an effort to spend mom and daughter time with my older two girls. I thought today would be a great day for the beach. We live so close to the beach, and we have barely been there in the past year. (Pregnant plus bathing suit and sand? no thank you).

So I squeezed my squishy fluffy self into my bathing suit. Hey, it fits! How’s that for confidence? hee!

We packed up some snacks, beach chairs, and towels, and off we went!


See those palm trees? They aren’t supposed to do that so much. The wind was unbelievable.


We lugged all of our stuff down to the perfect spot on the sand. It wasn’t very crowded for a holiday weekend. Imagine that! Well, with the sand blowing everywhere. And the cold wind keeping the suns rays from providing any kind of warmth, we were quickly miserable.

My little one insisted that she touch the water. So I walked down with her to dip our toes in the freezing Pacific water. Brown water. From all the blowing sand everywhere. After a few minutes of running to and from the water’s edge, she had enough and we walked back to our spot.

As the minutes went by, the wind only got worse. Sand was violently hitting our skin. She was screaming that the sand hitting her wet legs felt like needles. She made it to her little beach chair. Had a few cheese crackers, while my oldest had been bundled up in my sweatshirt trying to endure the brutal wind. My sister and I declared our beach day a big fat fail.

We quickly packed up our stuff again. She went for the car while we waited at the edge of the parking lot.


Thankfully, I had called my sister to join us or I would have been dealing with this windy, sandy mess myself. Even more thankful that Marco and the babies stayed home.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I am sorry to thear that your beach day turned sour but I have been there too. Once my family went up to the lake bright and early but all the spots that the sun shined on were taken. Needless to say we were packing up and going back home by lunch time!

  2. Patty says:

    Wow! What a windy day! Nothing worse at the beach especially with all that sand. Hopefully next time it will be much calmer.

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