Back to work

It’s been a few days.

The first day, I broke down in tears as soon as I reached downtown. Going back to work after work still sucks, even though it’s my third time doing it.

But it had to be done. We couldn’t just stare at our dwindling bank account and hope a winning lotto ticket would keep a roof over our heads and health insurance secured. So, back to work I go.

I have to be grateful though, right? To have a job to go back to?

To have a paycheck and to have benefits. I know I will stomp my feet and complain. But I have to be grateful.

So, Marco will be Mr. Mom, and hold down the fort being the work at home dad.

I will do the commute. Sit at my desk. Pump three times a day.

And we will be just fine. Better than fine.


Oh, and Marco will also be the “stage” dad. Did you know that Hollywood uses twins for movies, TV and commercials?

Yeah, we’ve been doing a little bit of that. It’s been great. Hopefully, a little nest egg for college will grow.

And getting the chance to breathe the same air as some of the stars from my favorite show wasn’t bad either. I even got some hugs!

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  1. mel says:

    well, now it’s Friday. Here, Here to the weekend.

  2. Amy T says:

    Can you discuss how you got your babies into the commercials? I’ve been wondering about my twins. Don’t worry, they’re b/g so no competition! How exciting about Grey’s!

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