The one I love

He makes it so easy to love him.


I wasn’t in the financial or physical shape to buy the best present ever. So I did what I could. Bake.
Happy Birthday

♥ Marco

And because he loves anything peanut butter. I made one cake extra special, adding chunks of Reese’s peanut butter cups in the middle of the cake. The other one was made without, just in case. (also, because peanut butter is a moody thing for me these days)

The final touch? Decorations from the girls.

Pass the rainbow sprinkles
Add the sprinkles

He really is the perfect one for me.

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  1. Becky says:

    Aw I love these! Can’t wait til you add TWO MORE babies into this mix!

  2. EmmieJ says:

    Absolutely perfect. I’m so glad you found each other. You know how I knew he was the one for you? When I saw him with your girls. He’s going to be such a good dad to my godbabies. I’m so happy for you, Lex. 🙂 <3
    .-= EmmieJ´s last blog ..Mah Smahrts Iz Showing =-.

  3. Linmarie says:

    Hey, just saw on twitter that you had pain in your calf muscle.. Just wanted to let you know it’s important to get it checked out, it’s probably nothing but it also could be a blood clot. It’s called a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and if it is one (probably not) it’s very dangerous. I’m not saying this to scare you but as a nurse we seem them very often in postpartum woman because they are mostly sitting because of C-secitons or nursing. It’s easily treatable if it turns out to be one and if not then it’s probably a pulled muscle. Good luck! 🙂 You have beautiful babies who need a healthy mama! 😉

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