Dos! Two!

The morning I took the test, I held the stick in my hand and watched as the two lines formed. I wasn’t exactly surprised because I was, after all, four days late. But still, there’s the Oh My God It’s Positive! My eyes must have been big saucers.

I held out the test to Marco, and said, “congratulations, daddy!” He took the test and gave me a sarcastic look. “Whatever.” But then he saw the lines. “Wait. That’s not positive. Is it? What does it mean?”

“Two lines equals Yes, babe. You’re a daddy.”

We were both so excited but in disbelief. Over the next couple of days we kept saying, Oh my god. We’re going to have a baby.” We’d just look at each other, and “baby.”

From the get-go, I told him, “It had better not be twins.”

“What if it’s twins? If it’s twins, I’m gonna kick your ass.”

Which of course would be all his fault, right? I mean his sister has twins. Half of his cousin has twins. Ok, so it runs on my side of the family too, but, still.

In fact, I upped it, “I’m gonna kick your ass, your sister’s ass, and your mom’s ass!”

We laughed. Because haha… twins. As if!

Um, so, yeah.

Last Thursday

MIDWIFE: “Have you thought about getting your tubes time at the time of delivery?”
ME: “Well, somebody is getting tied or snipped!” (eyes Marco)
MARCO: (deer caught in the headlights) “We’ll talk about it, when the baby is born!”
ME: “Unless it’s twins, then yeah. We are done.”
MARCO: (laughing) “Yes if there are twins, ok.”
MIDWIFE: laughs along with us “Ok, then.”

She proceeds with the exam… a very nice woman who I love already. She gets to the ultrasound and sticks the PROBE up the highway to get a look at my womb, and says “Aha! Interesting.”

I can’t see the screen, so I look at Marco. He looks at me, shocked, and holds up two fingers. I quickly realize that he’s not giving me the peace sign.

“TWO!!!! There are TWO??? Oh my God. Really?!!!!”

I cry/laugh and proceed to freak out. The midwife continues to look around at my babies while I am having a good freak attack and laughing hysterically. And most likely breaking Marco’s hand with my squeezing it.


We are still in amazement. But happy. We’re ecstatic. Trying not to worry about the how. This is just how it was meant to be and we will figure it all out. But Oh My God! TWO!

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  1. Megs says:

    I remember that mild hysteria, lying on the table trying to hold still for the remainder of the scan while giggling uncontrollably. 2!!! Two!!!! TWO!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on your double blessing, enjoy this wonderful time.

  2. mel says:

    So so so excited and happy for you! Now you can compromise. One Dodgers onsie and one Red Sox, I mean Angels onsie. Yay! Xoxoxoxo Congrats again!
    .-= mel´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  3. cindy w says:

    I’m so excited for you. Congrats!

  4. Miss says:

    LOL the peace sign! Classic!
    .-= Miss´s last blog ..Year One =-.

  5. Julie says:

    Twice the fun…but holy crap!!! Twins would freak me out!!!!! Can’t wait to hear all the stories…
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..E3 The Electronic Entertainment Expo =-.

  6. Marcela says:

    Congrats to you! Twins! Wow, I always joke saying “imagine twins?” and you get to do it for real!!! Congrats!

  7. What a great story!! Congrats!
    .-= Justice Jonesie´s last blog ..Do Good Day with 77Kids! =-.

  8. Lex, that is a really cool..How exciting that you will have double fun:) Wanted to come by and say hi to as many Latinas I am going to meet at Blogher. I’ll be looking out for the cute panzita;)
    .-= Blanca Stella´s last blog ..Truly Nolen Mouse Car Parade =-.

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