Doctor’s orders

About a week ago, I began a post here.

I was going to tell you how stressed out I had been.  Riddled with anxiety.  Not sleeping well.  And just not myself.

Plus, I knew I needed to get in better shape.  And I was a month away from the March for Maddie, coming up now on April 24.  Now it’s nine days away, and I’m doing my best to make sure I walk.

I knew stress was getting the best of me.  I resolved to get healthy and began walking the treadmill.  But stress loomed and while the walking was helping the anxiety a bit, my immune system was tanking.

I was hit with a flu.  Derailed.  In bed with barely any energy.  Flu turned into bronchitis.

And here I am today.  Frustrated.  Burning through my sick time at work.

And, well, sick!

Of course, I didn’t get the good kind of bronchitis that is cured with antibiotics.  No.  Viral.  Inhalers.  Super cough medicine.  Added a couple of days of prednisone.  And some allergy meds for good measure.

And, of course.  REST.

Which doesn’t do much for my stress levels.  And the treadmill?  Gathering dust again.

The good news is, I went in for bloodwork, and I do not appear to be suffering from any other malady than the usual stuff.  So, after this bug run its course, I’ll be good as new.  Or rather, good as I was anyway.

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