potty mouth

Driving home from child care pickup:

Isa (8yo): Mom! Gabi (3yo) learned a bad word! She learned S H E T!

me: you mean I T?

Isa: yeah, S H I T! At daddy’s house!

me: who did she learn it from?

Isa: Mom… our whole family says it. Even grandma.

me: Oh, but you said she learned it at your dad’s house.
(self righteous, aren’t I?)

Isa: Oh, yeah. She said it at Dad’s. But you know everyone says that word. Even you.

me: (less self righteous) Well, yes, I have said it before.

Isa: And dad says it a lot.

(self righteousness returns).

Isa: She said it at a restaurant!

Oh! but don’t worry, mom! It wasn’t a fancy restaurant. It was only Islands.

me: Oh, well that’s a relief.

Isa: And Dad didn’t even say anything!

me: He didn’t?

Isa: No. She kept saying it. But he ignored it so she wouldn’t think it’s a big deal to keep saying it.

me: And then what happened?

Isa: She stopped.

me: Well, that’s good.

Isa: I just thought you should know.

Gabi: Shit.

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  1. Special K says:

    “Oh! but don’t worry, mom! It wasn’t a fancy restaurant. It was only Islands.”
    Bwa ha ha ha! I think that was my favorite part.

  2. tricia says:

    I had to take Andrew with me to Sammy’s swim class, so I let him play a game on the Ipod. When he lost he said “Damn it, Suncin.”

  3. jenn says:

    haha. Too funny.
    .-= jenn´s last blog ..WW: Bragging =-.

  4. Rocio says:

    Aww you made me smile!!
    Gotta love your kiddos!
    .-= Rocio´s last blog ..Introducing "Tuesdays Around the World" =-.

  5. Coco/Nina says:

    LMAO! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this. I can’t stop laughing. I know I was not included in the “whole family” thing.

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