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Mommy's Idea

  • The day after my last post sucked with getting Gabi ready.  It was worse.  She ended up standing in front of her school and peed her pants because she was so upset at being forced to wear what I put on her.  So she got her way, because they changed her at school.  But! I didn’t yell.
  • The rest of the week was spectacular when it came to the “routine.”  I started a new beditme regimen with them.  Bought  a new nightlight.  Now, every night I lie down with them with the tv off, in total silence, cuddles, and after 10 minutes, I get up kiss them goodnight and leave.  And. they. fall. asleep. and. stay. there!  It blows my mind!
  • Some sucky things happened this week.  But I’m doing my damnedest to remember that the bad doesn’t define my life as a whole.  It just is.  And it just has to be dealt with.  That won’t be fun.  But I do not need to let any anxiety get to me.
  • I bought my ticket to Blogher 10! Yay! (really that was a few weeks ago, but plans are starting to form!)
  • When the day becomes shitty, snuggling up next to my Marco each night makes everything better .
  • Six months ago today, I set eyes on my Marco again after 17 years. And I’ll never let go again. 
  • Still working on figuring out this theme business on wordpress.  It’s a mystery that I must solve.
  • Today is Miss’ birthday!  I just love that girl!  The funny, sweet, Dodger-lovin’, hawt, fun, silly, smart, talented mama that is Just One Miss… you must know her!  She’s the cutie in the middle!

Megan, Me, and Lexi

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  1. Miss says:

    DUDE! I’m totally in a hottie sandwich in that pic!!! Love you Lex! So happy for you and Marco and your 6 month Anniversary!!

    .-= Miss´s last blog ..The One Where I Admit I’m Still Learning =-.

  2. Maria says:

    You guys look way too sexy in that photo. And awww at the Marco comments. <33
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..No really, bitch, I LOVE YOU. =-.

  3. jenn says:

    I have to admit that I’m jealous of your bedtime routine. I’m still having trouble with my daughter staying in bed. Laying down with her for a few minutes is a good idea… but I’m afraid I would fall asleep and not get back up. haha.
    .-= jenn´s last blog ..Advice? =-.

    • laprimera says:

      Yeah, that is definitely a danger. That’s why I limit it to 10 minutes or so. (and just might have my blackberry in hand so I can tweet while humming a lullaby)

  4. Mrs4444 says:

    Hooray on getting the kids to bed and having them stay there!!

    I’m glad you’re taking that positive perspective on the negative things that have been going on; it’s the only way to go!

    Hope you have a great week 🙂

  5. Oh! Brilliant about the bedtime routine. I love that. I am so glad it is working out for you. I have to go and read what happened with the clothing situation. That sounds super stressful!

    Blogher sounds so fun. I have never been. To tell you the truth, I am sort of scared of meeting people in real life. I think I am WAY cooler on my blog!
    .-= Life with Kaishon´s last blog ..Today is the Day! =-.

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