mommy may I

my mom and my girls

my mom and my girls

My mom has always been a huge help to me. Especially so since I became a mom. She helped me learn how to take care of my tiny little baby for the first time. Helped peel me off the ceiling when I was having a major meltdown at not getting the breastfeeding to work. She was my half-time nanny when I went back to work after Gabi was born.

I’ve always been very thankful that I am able to depend on her whenever I need her.

Last week, Gabi and Isa were both sick with colds. Bad colds that turned into sinus infections. After a couple of days of antibiotics, Isa was all set to return to school on Monday but Gabi was in no shape for preschool.

So again, I turned to my mom. I wish I had an endless supply of sick time to be home in such cases, but that’s just silly.

After visiting with us on Sunday, my dad left my mom with us so Gabi could stay home on Monday. One day turned into seven. And I don’t know if it’s because I have a smaller house now, or because I’m no longer living on my own with the girls, or because my pms was in overdrive, but my mom drove me nuts.

By this morning, I felt like a pecked little bird.

I really need to take vitamins.

I really need to lose weight. What size am I up to now? Wow, I used to be thinner than her just two years ago!

I really shouldn’t eat that.

I should not be thinking of having another baby at my age.

Have I been taking care of my skin properly? I really should be using all those bottle of magic serums and lotions every day and night.

and then with the girls! I’m too permissive. or I’m too strict.

And the girls act like maniacs around her. Especially Gabi. She had more tantrums in the past week than she has had in the past 6 months! She expects grandma to spoil her and expects everyone else to bow down and comply.

And insult to injury, Marco slept on the couch and gave her his spot in our bed for the first four nights. Until Thursday night when I had the bright idea to bring Gabi to my bed and invited my mom to bunk with Isa. It’s a queen so it’s not like there was not enough room.

I missed sleeping next to my viejo.

And I couldn’t even blog about it.  Because my mom is constantly wanting to know what I’m doing on my computer.  If she hears me typing, “what are you doing?”

Between the nagging mom, the pms from hell, missing alone time with my dude, the end of the pms, the spoiled children, oh and the nagging mom… the weekend did not arrive fast enough!

But now?

I kind of miss my mommy. I’ll call her tomorrow.  I’ll probably be just like her anyway.  I already am.

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  1. Avasmommy says:

    Hehe. This sounds a lot like the dynamic between me and my mom. She lives across country, but visits for about a week each summer. I’m always happy to see her, but man I am so glad when she finally goes home, too.
    .-= Avasmommy´s last blog ..Fitting In =-.

  2. mel says:

    oh man, if my mom stayed with me I would lose it. I’m glad you have your bed back. I’m sure Marco is too 😉

  3. Mandi Bone says:

    It sounds like my mom. My mom taught my daughter to nag me when I am on my computer too much. I need my computer to work. Good times.

  4. mrs4444 says:

    Funny. I’m glad my mom doesn’t give a second’s thought to how I run my life. However, she was never much of a babysitter (had too many grandkids to enjoy it, I think). I guess the bad and the good balance each other out for you 🙂

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