with cake

I have been wrapped up in life, love, happiness, grief, hope, and love for a while and stepped away from the online blogging world. (That love of mine is a keeper.)

Yes I continued to read a blog or two in my reader. And tweet and facebook. But nowhere near the rate that the former Lex did.

I also decided to prioritize the expenditures around Casita Primera and have for the timebeing hooked up with the free blog bitch wordpress and said goodbye to the self hosting. I still have the domain thefirstgirl.com for a few months more and will probably keep it pointing here. So, if you used to read my stuff from a reader, you’ve got to update the feed. k?

A few weeks ago, I hurt my back. Badly. I wish it happened in an embarrassing yet fun manner, as my dear friends joked.

However, it happened when I sneezed.

Yesterday I had my last physical therapy session that came as a result. Because no amount of motrin and high flying muscle relaxers will fix the problem. It seems I have to… strengthen my core.

Which is gentle physical therapist talk for “firm up your fat ass belly!” Dammit! There’s that call for exercise and eating right. I can’t keep claiming that’s bullshit, can I? (No, hence, the blood pressure meds and tight fitting clothes.)

So, I’ll do my butt clenching and ab tightening. But no situps. They’re not helpful anyway, my gentle PT says.

But, I’m in no state of giving up my comfort food.

comfort food rawks

Tonight it was meatloaf and broccoli with cheese sauce.

I lost my grandma a little over a week ago. And Marco has been my rock through it. As I held his hand as well just a week before as his own grandma was buried. We were destined to rekindle our relationship at this time in our lives. When we were each able to meet each other’s grandmas and have them both see us happy again before it was their time to go.

So, I’ll be in the kitchen a lot. Cooking or baking. And doing my tummy tightening.

Life is something to celebrate. I like to do that with cake.  Luckily, I have some carrot cake calling my name.

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  1. Miss says:

    Oh sweetie. So proud of you. Good to see you blogging. Now if only I could remember how. 😉

    Pass me the cake!

  2. Lex says:

    I’ll bring you some next time I see you! xoxo

  3. Aww buddy… I’m so sorry to hear about all the misfortune. Wanna come visit? 😀

  4. mia. says:

    Hey! Glad to be reading you, look forward to seeing you (Wednesday) – but when are you going to join me for some walking?

  5. flipflopmama says:

    Get a balance ball, it has helped my core strength along with aqua class. I can’t do a regular situp to save my life but I did reduce my total cholestrol from 248 to 158 in under 6 months! (no help from medicine either!)

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